Are HGVs and LGVs the same?

If you are looking to expand your driving capabilities, are looking for a job in transport and logistics, or are already in the industry, you will likely have heard of the terms HGV and LGV. These are commonly used terms and many people use them interchangeably. In which case, many people wonder why there are […]

Rules for driving forklifts on the road

When it comes to forklifts, there is often confusion over whether they need to be registered, insured and taxed. Many businesses wrongly believe that if they don’t drive their machinery on roads, or they only do so minimally, they don’t have to subscribe to these three requirements. This can lead to companies unwittingly committing offences. […]

How forklifts and trained operators can improve your business

Forklifts are an invaluable piece of equipment for many businesses and projects, being found, for example, in warehouses, factories, storage facilities and on construction sites. Whether they are used for lifting, moving or stacking materials, forklifts and their trained operators have quickly become an integral part of smooth, safe and efficient materials handling. Let’s take […]

What are the different licence categories?

There is a vast variety of vehicles out there and, in the UK, there are numerous different licence categories to go along with them. Although many people will never think about driving anything but a car, if you’re looking to branch out then you will need to check what you are licenced to drive. Your […]

The danger of added pressure for materials handling leading up to Christmas

christmas packages

Christmas time and the long lead up are an exceptionally busy time of year for those working in warehouses, distribution and logistics. With demand high and shops stocking Christmas merchandise earlier and earlier every year, it is crucial that supply chains are prepared well in advance for this manic time of year. With added pressure […]

Health and safety best practice for forklift trucks

Forklift trucks are a widely used, indispensible piece of plant machinery. However, without proper safe usage it is easy to cause an accident and cause serious injury to yourself or a bystander. Accidents can have many root causes – such as lack of operator training or experience, lack of equipment knowledge, poor truck maintenance or […]

What are the different types of HGV/LGV?

Heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) and large goods vehicles (LGVs) are lorries or trucks with a gross weight – including the vehicle itself and cargo – of over 3,500kg. Driving an HGV or LGV requires training and a specific licence due to it being a specialist skill. There is a lot of variation in the kinds […]

How do you become a plant machinery certification trainer?

Here at Euro 1 Training we understand that you will want to ensure you get the best plant machinery training possible when looking to gain certification. We think that our courses and training providers offer top quality training which will set you up for a fruitful career in construction. As our course leaders are at […]

What kind of jobs can you get with an HGV/LGV licence?

If you are considering completing training to become a truck driver, you may be wondering what sort of job opportunities there will be available once you’re qualified. There is currently quite the shortage of HGV/LGV drivers so there will be many different career paths and types of job available, should you be open to opportunities. […]

Common causes of dump truck accidents and how to avoid them

Dump trucks are large, important pieces of plant machinery which are primarily used to transport construction and demolition materials. Dump trucks can either be forward tipping or rear tipping; rear tipping dump trucks tend to be the larger and more heavy duty option. However, both types can be dangerous when used improperly. For this reason, […]