HGV Training Pontefract

HGV Training Pontefract

If you require high quality HGV training in Pontefract we can tailor our services to meet your exact needs, with flexible courses and weekend times available throughout the Pontefract region.

With CPCS certificates offered and driver CPC training carried out for all clients, you can rely on Euro 1 Training to take care of all requirements.

We have over 30 certifications that are accepted by all major contractors and you can rely on us to provide the best training for your course.

Taking an LGV (Large Goods Vehicle) or HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle) driver training course offers several benefits, particularly for individuals looking to pursue a career in the transportation industry or advance their existing driving skills. Here are some of the key benefits:

  1. Career Opportunities: Completing an LGV/HGV training course opens up a wide range of career opportunities in the logistics and transportation sectors. With the increasing demand for goods transportation, there is a constant need for qualified LGV/HGV drivers.
  2. Higher Earning Potential: LGV/HGV drivers typically earn higher salaries compared to drivers of smaller vehicles due to the increased responsibility and specialized skills required for operating larger commercial vehicles.
  3. Job Security: The demand for LGV/HGV drivers remains relatively stable, offering a sense of job security in an industry that is essential for the economy.

HGV Driver Training Courses

In addition to HGV training and LGV training we also provide the following transport courses:

  • Driver assessments C/C+E
  • Simulated practical driving test
  • Knowledge of: driving hours regulations, WTD, coupling and uncoupling
  • Drivers daily vehicle checks
  • Safe loading and unloading
  • Hourly lessons and driver updates
  • LGV Theory and Hazard Perception training
  • Intensive one week courses
  • Lorry mounted crane
  • Reversing & shunting courses
  • Driver CPC training – module 4
  • Driver CPC periodic training
  • ADR courses – full and refresher
  • Transportable moffett FLT lorry/trailer mounted

We’ve been providing HGV Driver Training in Pontefract for over 25 years

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Courses starting from £955

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