Frequently Asked Questions

How often do you run your forklift courses?

We run our forklift courses every week, we can usually fit you in within 1-2 weeks.

How long does my forklift certificate last?

A forklift certificate lasts for 3 years and has a grace period of 6 months, in which to do a refresher course.

If I pass on a telescopic handler can I drive a counterbalance forklift?

No, the counterbalance forklift is a separate course. However, passing your telescopic handler course is valuable experience and the time will be reduced by one or two days if you go onto a counterbalance forklift course.

I have a counterbalance forklift licence, how much training do I need for a reach truck?

You will need 2 days training, always remember to keep all your certificates as this will reduce your training time.

If I have a reach truck licence, how much training do I need for a counterbalance forklift?

A one day conversion course will get you a counterbalance forklift licence.

If I can operate a Forklift truck but have no formal qualification, how many days training do I need to get a certificate?

You would need to do a 2 day experienced operator course.

If I have an overseas, foreign or forklift licence from any other country, how many days training would I need to do to obtain a certificate?

You would need to do a 2 day experienced operator course.

How much is a one day refresher course on a counterbalance forklift?


How much is a one day experienced worker assessment on a telescopic handler with NPORS?

£195 including NPORS card.

Do you deliver Initial Driver CPC Module 4 for new drivers into the transport industry?

Yes, it is done on our premises with our examiner, cost £195, training in the morning, test in the afternoon.

How long is forklift training?

Typically, beginners forklift training is 5 days long. An experienced operator course is usually 2 days long.

Will my forklift licence expire?

The licence and certificate of basic training do not expire, however once you have received a forklift licence you are expected to attend refresher training every 5 years.

Do you offer NPORS training?

Yes we do. Here at Euro 1 Training we work with NPORS (National Plant Operators Registration Scheme) who are a leading accreditation and registration body for the UK. They help us to maintain the highest standards in our training and testing.